Objects and functions of NBSA

The objects of NBSA is to lay-down and foster high standards, ethics and practices in news broadcasting, including entertaining and deciding complaints against or in respect of broadcasters in so far as these relate to the content of any broadcast.

NBSA administers the Codes of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards, which has been voluntarily drawn by the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) for its member broadcasters to demonstrate their commitment to responsible broadcasting and to self regulate themselves.

NBSA has no involvement in the day-to-day operations of the broadcasters. NBSA does not monitor programming, nor does it pre-clear or pre-censor programming. The broadcasters have complete creative and editorial independence.

In discharging its functions as aforesaid the NBSA shall act consistently with the following precepts:

  • Maintaining and improving the standards of broadcast, and maintaining the independence of broadcasters, television journalists and/or news agencies;
  • Ensuring compliance by broadcasters, television journalists and news agencies with the Code of Conduct and adherence by the said persons to high professional standards;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of high standards of public taste and fostering a due sense of both the rights and responsibilities of citizens;
  • Fostering and encouraging the growth of a sense of responsibility and public service among all those engaged in and associated with the profession of television journalism and business of broadcasting; ?
  • Keeping under review and scrutiny any developments likely to or having the tendency to restrict the gathering, supply and dissemination of news of public interest and importance:
  • Such other aspects as may be incidental, consequential, related and/or otherwise materially concerned with the above precepts.