Objectives of the News Broadcasters Association (NBA)

  • To promote, aid, help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of the News Broadcasters in the Indian television Industry and other related entities.
  • To promote awareness about the latest developments in the television industry relating to News Broadcasting and to disseminate knowledge amongst its members and the general public regarding such developments.
  • To provide for the members a place of meeting so as to enable them to work in consensus to achieve common goals for the overall betterment of their industry and to have a common platform/forum at which they may air their grievances and arrive at solutions.
  • To promote the growth of friendly relations amongst the members and amongst persons engaged in the production and broadcasting of the television software and especially to encourage co-operation among the members so as to maximize mutual benefits.
  • To protect all its members from persons or entities who carry on unfair and/or unethical practices or who discredit the television industry.
  • No objects of the Company will be carried out without obtaining prior approval/ NOC from the concerned authority, wherever required.
  • None of the main objects shall be carried out on commercial basis.