How to Become a Member

Membership Norms

To enroll as a Member of the News Broadcasters Association (NBA), please follow a simple four step process:

  • Fill in the Membership Application Form, as prescribed.
  • Enclose with the Application Form, the documents as per the 'Checklist of Documents'
  • An application for 'Member' category shall be proposed and seconded by 'Members' from the same category.
  • An application for 'Associate Member' category can be proposed and seconded by members from any category i.e. 'Member' or 'Associate Member'

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership:

1) Member
2) Associate Member

Eligibility Norms


  • A Corporate Entity, being owner of one or more News and/or Current Affairs TV Channel/s shall be eligible to become Member of the NBA. Such membership shall be granted only to a twenty-four hour News and/or Current Affairs TV Channel/s, provided it has been on air for a minimum period of one year.

Associate Member

  • The Board may, in its absolute discretion, grant Associate Membership to a Corporate Entity not being qualified to be Member but being owner of one or more TV Channel/s broadcasting News and/or Current Affairs capsules at least as part of its programme content and holding permission from the Government of India to uplink and/or downlink such TV channel/s from Indian Territory and being engaged in such business in the ordinary course as a consequence of such permission, provided it has been on air for a minimum period of one year.
  • A body corporate or trust or a society or an association which is engaged in the business of television software production, broadcasting, marketing and sale ofcontent for news and current affairs channels or other broadcast-linked organizations, including but not limited to signal distributors, news agencies,regulators, trainers, airtime sellers, shall be eligible for admission as Associate Members and such membership shall be granted only if it has been in such business for a minimum period of one year.
  • Nothing shall be deemed to prohibit the Board from enrolling as Associate Member any Corporate Entity which is a foreign body corporate or a foreign association or institution based overseas, subject however to such Corporate Entity obtaining such permission/approval/sanction, if any, as may be required to be obtained from the Competent Authorities for such purpose.
  • The Board may, however, in its absolute discretion, in exceptional circumstances, waive or reduce the aforementioned eligibility requirement of one year.

Voting Rights


only shall be entitled to voting rights and each 'Member' shall have one vote.

'Associate Member'

shall neither be entitled to voting rights nor shall be eligible for election to the Board of the NBA.

Membership Fees

The present fee structure for membership is as under:

Annual Membership Subscription


Annual Membership subscription is Rs 5,00,000/- per corporate entity and further subscription of Rs 25,000/- for each additional channel owned by the member.

Associate Member

Annual Membership subscription is Rs.1,50,000/- per corporate entity.

Entrance Fee

  • The entrance fee in both categories of membership is Rs 50,000/- per member.
  • All payments shall be made either by cheque payable at par or demand draft payable at New Delhi in favour of "News Broadcasters Association".
  • The Board shall have the power to increase the Entrance Fee up to 100% of the existing fee, at any point of time. Any increase beyond this would require the prior approval of the Members in the General Body Meeting.
  • All membership dues are payable in advance for a financial year (April – March) in full and become due on the first of April each year and be paid on or before May 31.
  • A Member admitted in the middle of the Financial Year shall pay the subscription pro-rata on quarterly basis for the quarters remaining in that financial year.
  • Any Member resigning from the membership of the NBA at any time after the commencement of the Financial Year shall be liable to pay to the NBA the full year's subscription and any other fee or dues payable as on that date. The NBA may refuse to accept the resignation of a Member unless all the aforesaid dues have been paid. Moreover, the NBA shall have the uninterrupted right to recover the amount remaining due from such member, with or without fine, at any time.
  • A member ceasing to be a member of NBA in the middle of the financial year shall not be entitled for refund of subscription or such other funds and levies paid.
  • Where in the opinion of the Board, the NBA is required to make some unusual expenditure or commitment in furtherance of its objectives or in the interests of the NBA or its members, the Board shall be empowered to levy such additional sums on its members, on an equitable basis, provided that in any financial year, such levies shall not exceed an amount equal to the annual subscription payable by the members.

Admission of Members

The Board is empowered to prescribe the procedure and make regulations from time to time for admission of members and may in their absolute discretion either admit or reject any application for membership of the NBA and shall not be bound to give reasons for any such rejection.

No rejected applicant shall be entitled to visit the NBA premises or attend any meetings of the NBA without the permission of the President.

Commencement of Membership

After approval of the application for membership by the Board, the Secretary General shall notify the same to the applicant in writing to remit the entrance fee, membership subscription and such other levies, as may be decided by the Board from time to time.

In case the aforesaid payment is not made within one month of the date of such intimation, such approval shall become void and the application for membership shall be deemed to have been rejected.

The date of admission shall be the date on which the applicant makes payment of aforesaid entrance fee, subscription fee, and other levies. Newly admitted member shall be permitted to enjoy the privileges of a member only from the date of such admission.

After the date of admission, the Secretary General shall intimate the applicant of its membership and shall furnish the member with a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Rules, Regulations, or Bye-laws, if any, for the time being in force.

Resignation / Withdrawal of Membership

Any Member of NBA can resign or withdraw from the membership of NBA by giving not less than one month's notice in writing to the Secretary General of its intention to do so.

Cessation of Membership

A member may, subject to a decision of the Board, cease to be a member of the NBA:

  • Upon default in payment of subscription and other dues in time
  • Upon a member resigning in the prescribed manner.
  • The Board shall have the power to increase the Entrance Fee up to 100% of the existing fee, at any point of time. Any increase beyond this would require the prior approval of the Members in the General Body Meeting.
  • Upon a member going into liquidation or winding-up other than for reasons only of reorganization, merger and/or acquisition,
  • Upon suspension/revocation of the permission held by the member for up linking and/or down linking issued by the Government of India or upon closure/suspension of its operations,
  • Upon intimation by NBA to the member of its disqualification by reason of any representation made or any application, document or statement submitted at the time of application for membership being found to be false, untrue or otherwise un- satisfactory, by the Board,
  • Upon intimation by NBA of the non-compliance or non - acceptance of any Rule, Regulation or Bye laws of NBA or any directive of the Board, by the member,

Expulsion/Suspension of Member

If the Board finds that a member is guilty of misconduct or behavior prejudicial to the interests of NBA, or that the member has refused or neglected or failed to comply with any provisions of these Articles or any Rules or Regulations or Bye-laws or any directives of the Board or its Committee or Sub-Committee or is guilty of such conduct as the Board considers likely to endanger the harmony or effect the character or stability or interest of NBA or its members, the Board shall pass a resolution to that effect in the Board meeting and call a Special General Body Meeting of the members, of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution for suspension or expulsion of the member, shall be given, by any mode of recorded delivery, by the Board before passing such resolution and that the member shall at such meeting and before passing of such resolution have had an opportunity to give, orally or in writing, any explanation or defence as it may think fit. The decision of the Special General Body Meeting shall be final. No member suspended or expelled shall be entitled to the refund of subscription or any other fee or levy already paid to NBA.

Restoration of Membership

A member, who has been expelled shall not be eligible for re-admission for a period of one year from the date of such expulsion and provided that not less than three members in addition to the proposer and seconder concur to the proposal for its re-admission.

In case a member ceases to be a member due to suspension/closure of its business, the Board may at its absolute discretion give three months' time to such member to regularize its business and if the member fails to do so, it shall cease to be the member of NBA after the expiry of said period of three months, unless extended, with the unanimous consent of the Board.

In case a member ceases to be a member due to non-payment of membership subscription and other dues, the membership can be restored at any subsequent time on its paying the subscription due and such fee and levy then in force, along with Entrance Fee.

Eligibility for Election to the Board

A Member shall be eligible to have its nominee elected to the Board provided:

  • Its name shall have been in the list of Members for at least six months prior to the date of the Ordinary General Body Meeting;
  • It has not defaulted in the payment of subscription fee or any other dues and levies;
  • No disciplinary action has been taken or is pending against him;
  • A period of one year has elapsed from the date of re-admission of the suspended/expelled member;
  • A certificate from the Statutory Auditors to the effect that its annual turnover is more than Rupees five crores in respect of the financial year ended prior to the date of the said certificate has been provided to NBA.

Nomination for Directorship

A representative of any Member (other than a retiring Director) shall be eligible for appointment to the office of director at any General Body Meeting, if some Member intending to propose him, has not less than seven days before the meeting, left at the office of NBA a notice in writing signifying his candidature for the office of Director or the intention of such Member to propose him as a candidate for that office, as the case may be. In order for such nomination to be effective, the same shall be proposed by one Member and seconded by another. NBA shall thereupon inform its Members of the candidature of such person for the office of directorship by serving individual notices to all the Members not less than 48 hours before the meeting.

NBA shall not be responsible for considering or remedying any defective, incomplete or delayed notice of candidature.

Code of Ethics and Self Regulation Guidelines

Every member shall abide by the Code of Ethics and Self Regulation Guidelines, as may be laid by the Board from time to time.

Non-compliance with any of the clauses of the aforesaid Code or Guidelines will be treated as a disqualification for continuing as a member of NBA and such membership shall be liable to be terminated.