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Complaint Form to NBSA [Second level]
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Making a Complaint

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This Form has two Sections:

  •  Please complete Section 1 if you have made a complaint to a broadcaster and either you have not received a response from the broadcaster or you are not satisfied with their decision.
  •  Section 2 requires you to provide the detail(s) of your complaint(s), including the Section of the NBSA Regulations/Guidelines that you believe the programme(s) has/have been violated.

You must complete this Form in full and, where relevant, attach copies of all previous correspondence between you and the concerned broadcaster.

NBSA has developed a Guide for viewers to the complaint redressal process. This details how broadcasters and the NBSA will handle your complaint(s). It is recommended that you read this document before making a complaint or completing this Form. This document is available on the NBA website.

If you would like further help or advice on making your complaint or completing this Form, please contact the NBSA on the telephone number provided on this Form or by e-mail,

Section 1 - Complaint Process [Second Level]

Please complete this Section if you have made a complaint to the broadcaster and are not satisfied with their decision or have not received a response.

Date of the initial complaint made to broadcaster (dd/mm/yy): *

Did you receive a response from the broadcaster within the time frame included in the News Broadcasting Standards Regulation? *

Please attach your complaint and the reply received from broadcaster and further correspondence, if any


Max Size:1 MB File Type: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX

If no, you can submit your complaint to the NBSA for consideration. Please attach your complaint above.


Are you not satisfied with the response you have received from the broadcaster? *

If yes, please complete this Section briefly, summarising the main points of why you are not satisfied with the broadcaster's response.

Reasons for escalating the complaint to NBSA.
Please outline the reasons briefly why you feel the broadcaster's response is unsatisfactory

Section 2 - Details of your complaint Fields marked with * are mandatory

Complaints are considered by the NBSA under the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards & Guidelines under the following categories

If you select a category that is linked to the Code of Ethics/Guidelines, you must identify which Section of the Code of Ethics/Guidelines applies. Please use the links below to access the same.

Is the complaint an infringement of:

Category & Section of Code applying

Note: You must state the relevant Section/s of Code of Ethics/Guidelines.

All complaints decided by the NBSA may be made publicly available by the NBSA, including the name of the complainant. However, in the event a complainant has valid concerns relating to privacy issues in making a complaint, the NBSA may in its absolute discretion, consider requests from the complainant for anonymity/confidentiality.

Please note that the personal contact details submitted by you are for use by the NBSA only and will not be disclosed to a third party.

Personal contact details Please Complete these details

Please Provide your personal contact details. These are for use by the NBSA only.

Is the matter complained of the subject of any proceedings in a Court of law or Tribunal or Statutory Authority? *

*If yes please give details


Max Size:1 MB File Type: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX

Declaration to be given as per Regulation 8.4

The facts stated in the complaint are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

I/we have placed all relevant facts before the NBSA and have not concealed any material facts ;

I/we confirm that no proceedings are pending in any Court of law or other Tribunal or Statutory Authority in respect of the subject matter complained of before the NBSA;

I /we shall inform the NBSA forthwith if during the pendency of the inquiry before the NBSA the matter alleged in the complaint becomes the subject matter of any proceedings in a Court of law or other Tribunal or Statutory Authority.

I/We declare that all previous correspondence between me and the concerned broadcaster(s) has/have been attached with this Form.

To finish, please read through the above form to ensure all your details are correct.

You may post, e-mail or fax this Complaint Form to the NBSA. The relevant contact details are: -

News Broadcasting Standards Authority

Mantec House, 2nd Floor
C-56/5 Sector 62
Noida – 201 301.
Tel. / Fax :0120- 4129712
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